Wednesday, July 8, 2009

pink hair reactions

The one thing I don't like about having pink hair is the attention I get when I'm in public. I've never really liked the spotlight being on me, I have no stage presence, which is why I never could have made it as a singer. It always takes me a few seconds to figure out why people are staring at me, but what those people don't realize is their reactions to something as silly as pink hair says a lot about them.
I've gotten some great reactions. Here's the best:

  • I've had a guy yell out of his car to tell me Jesus saves and I should change my ways.
  • A little girl: "mommy look! Pink hair."
  • mommy: "I see it."
  • little girl: "can I have pink hair?"
  • mommy: "no, it's not normal."
  • A different little girl stops me in the middle of a camping store and tells me how much she loves my hair, then runs back to her dad and says "look daddy, can I have hair like that?" I smile at him and say "sorry." He smiles back and replies "don't worry about it." He turns to his daughter and says "how about purple, that would be cool."
  • an elderly man asked me if I fell into a paint can, I laughed and replied "No, I jumped!"
  • I've had more than one person I know ask me "What happened to your hair?" when seeing it for the first time.
I've had so many complements, many many people afraid to make eye contact, and others who treat me just like they would anyone else. I think the way we treat people that aren't just like us says a lot about our character. I'm glad I dyed my hair, I can check it off my list of things I've always wanted to do.

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Kelly said...

It's very daring and different! I like it!
Don't listen to what others think!

TheSkinnyDiaries said...

i had oink hair for about two weeks i LOVED it..but as soon as i did it i felt sick,thinking about going back to school..and i did and i got so much slagging i dyed it brown :'(
i was sick of being stoppedf on the street to..but now i dont give a toss :D
im going pink,me my hair and my weave gonna be pink!:D
thanks,inspired me<3

gorgeous photo btw!! is that yur child? pretty anywhoo (:

amber said...

Haha, I used to forget I had pink hair, and then someone would comment on it...and I was like "oh...yeah!".

People will have opinions on just about anything you do with your outward appearance, so you might as well have fun with it :-)