Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday was the first day of our fundraiser for Mandy and even though I got the post up late there were quite a few responses. We made $10 the first day! Unfortunately that was charged a fee by pay pal, so it comes out to $8.83. If you pay with a pay pal account or bank account there is no fee, but if you pay with credit or debit there is a 2.9% +.30 fee. Keep that in mind when you donate.
I am so thankful that people are responding, I also have some great bloggers that are going to help me get the word out. Thanks guys! Lets keep it up, we're still a long way from our $500 goal, we'll get there with your help. Thanks so much guys! The response I got on the first day let me see how great the blogging community is.
My husband's first question when I told him people were giving already was "who?" I told him I don't know them personally and he looked puzzled. In a way it is strange. In this day in age generosity seems to be a lost art, I started this thinking it was a long shot and no one would help out. Thank you for teaching me an important lesson about my fellow humans (bloggers in particular). You are keeping the lost arts of generosity and kindness alive.


Anonymous said...

My best wishes to your friend. I've been through a lot in my short life as well. Life sometimes throw us the worst possible things, and then we hear the next person's story and we just feel lucky. I'm grateful for everything, even for the medical issues I have had.

That is funny about the credit card isn't it. Businesses that take credit cards also pay the percentages, the impact is pretty big especially for small businesses.

MaggieM said...

What happened? Did you discontinue the chip in? I wanted to make a donation but the Chip In isn't working??? If we can still donate, please email me at maggie(at)mannwieler(dot)com