Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I know I'm pregnant when...

1) the season premiere of Biggest Loser makes me cry.
2) I crave good n' plentys and an iced mocha.
3) I go through the drive thru at Burger King to get my husband the fish sandwiches that are on special, but somehow orders chicken sandwiches!(Thankfully I realized it before they made the food, so he got what he wanted)
4) doing the dishes makes me nauseous.
5) okay, pretty much EVERYTHING makes me nauseous!
6) my patience level has gone down almost in half. My poor kids.
7) I am ALWAYS tired!
8) I am unmotivated yet still irritated that my house is so dirty.
9) my kids are watching more tv.(I like to cuddle with them on the couch)
10) I am so achy. The easiest sign for me is a cramp in my booty, I got the same cramp with every pregnancy. This time it is relentless!

I'm sure this pregnancy will have a lot more surprises and quirks before it's over. I will be sure to keep you posted. I already have had a lot of "pregnancy brain" moments. Nothing as bad as putting a poopy diaper in the freezer like I did last time(don't ask, I have no idea!).

I know my blog has been lacking pictures lately, I couldn't find my camera. I just found it and will start adding pics again.



Amber, The Unlikely Mama said...

"8) I am unmotivated yet still irritated that my house is so dirty."
HAHAH, sounds like me and I'm not pregnant anymore!

Nardeeisms said...

Doin' the hop! Best wishes for a most successful pregnancy. ~Nards

Rachel said...

Tee hee!! Too funny!
Poop in the freezer...yummo.

Hope you feel more energetic soon!!

xiao said...

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